Official News Thread 2011

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Official News Thread 2011

Post by Leon Kennedy on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:29 pm

Well here we are. I'm still working on this forum but so far it is looking pretty good. I modeled it after the menu for Resident Evil 2. For some of you new people who don't read or understand concepts so well this is a site purely dedicated to Resident Evil 2. So of course it is going to all be RE2.

I just established the ranking system and here it is:
Name: Post Count:
Crow 0
Zombie 10
Cerberus 25
Giant Spider 50
Ivy 75
Licker 100
G Imago 150
Mr. X 200
Super Tyrant 250
G1 300
G2 400
G3 500
G4 600
G5 700
Survivor 900

Just so you know spamming and post steroids will not be tolerated. Lets just have a good time and build this community through hard work and appreciation.
Leon Kennedy
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