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Post by Leon Kennedy on Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:13 am

CONF11 - Key configuration skin.
DIED00 - You died background.
DIED0B - You died background.
DIED0C - You died background.
DIED0D - You died background.
DIED0E - You died background.
DIED0F - You died background.
DIED01 - You died background.
END19 - Japanese text.
FONT0 - Japanese font with English characters.
FONT0P- Smaller Japanese font with English characters.
FONT1 - Japanese text.
FONT2 - Japanese text.
FONT3 - Japanese text.
FONT4 - Japanese text.
FONT5 - Japanese text.
FONT6 - Japanese text.
FONT7 - Japanese text.
ITEMBOX - The skin/ hud for the item box menu.
MOJIT1 - Menu options text.
OPEN07A - Static image.
OPEN07B - Static image.
OPEN067 - Static image.
PARTS - Key configuration skin/ background with characters.
RES_MOJI - Final stats and characters.
SELECT_I - Characters and 4th Survivor inventory items.
SELECT_W - Player Select hud.
SPY_LOGO - The 4th Survivor logo.
ST_FILE - Blue book/ file skin.
ST0_PL - Main RE2 menu hud elements.
ST1_PL - Main RE2 menu hud elements.
ST2_PL - Main RE2 menu hud elements.
STG - Stage clear image.
TEX2P - Special effects sprites.
TEX3P - Special effects sprites.
TOFULOGO - To-Fu The Survivor logo.

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